Our Individual Learning Programmes began when one of our customers asked us to design a curriculum for his boy aged 3. The idea was to support the boy's learning while attending the Italian nursery, in preparation for Primary School. 

This is how we started creating a learning programme that combined a diversity of approaches to cater for the holistic development of the child. 

Our activities include Montessori, STEM, UK and Italian approaches and standards and are written in English or Italian. 

Learning Curriculum

The Programme

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When you decide to join our Learning Programmes, you will be made member of the site and be able to access your personal member profile page. We upload all the material there and share via email observations and videos. 

Because it is a distant learning plan, caregivers do play an important role as the observers of their child's learning. Before we start with the plan, we will meet online to discuss everything more in detail so that we make sure we can work together! Also, you will receive our Learning Programme Pack explaining how the units are built and the activities designed. 

If you are interested but want to start small, we recommend asking for our Learning Space Design first with our Montessori Virtual Shelves. 


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