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Ophelia, 2.6



The space

Ophelia's playroom is a big environment where she invites her friends for soft play and role play at the tea table and kitchen area. Ophelia and her mum love doing crafts together and setting up topic related activities! She has started nursery part-time and mum feels she is outgrowing many of her old toys....but which ones are to keep and which to give away?! Mum also finds it tricky and time consuming rotating toys on the shelf, making sure they follow her child's interests. 

At work!

After having my own play date with Ophelia, I go back to her house and start decluttering one big wardrobe full of toys. Based on the observations I have made, myself and mum select the toys which are age-appropriate and the ones which could be explored in the future months. I also show mum how to revamp some toys by including them in activities that might support Ophelia's interests. 

Final result

After two hours of decluttering and reorganizing the space, Ophelia has a dedicated shelf which reflects her age and her skills! We have included all areas of learning with a specific focus on Language and Understanding of the World due to Ophelia's interest in animals and crafts. Pre-maths also plays an important role as she is developing her problem solving and logical thinking skills. 

"Sofia's help has been fantastic. She has helped me understand the importance of toy rotation and categorising activities based on learning abilities. Our playtime is more fun and I feel more prepared how to entertain my toddler at home." 


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