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Julián's room was our first project and we will always be grateful to his wonderful mummy for trusting us! We met mum online and chatted about what her wishes for her son's new bedroom were. The family was about to change house and mum was well aware Julián would need a bigger space to thrive in.

During the online consultation, we talked about the child and how he was developing. The more information we gathered the better!

Julián, 5 months


We developed a child profile based on developmental milestones. We integrate EYFS guidelines and Montessori areas of learning.  

We gathered ideas about interior design and age appropriate activities and  developed two mood boards.

Our final room plan included the Montessori shelf with the individualised activities aimed at Julián development for the next 3 months. It also included interior design solutions to turn the bedroom into a functional learning environment. 

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