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5 easy activities to keep your children busy

In general, involving the kids in keeping the house tidy is excellent and can be done through various activities that can help with maths and hand-motor skills.

For example:

- sorting out napkins: sorting them by colour and folding them in half, 3/4 and so on;

- sorting out socks by colour can be similar. Also, it's fun and easy to transform old socks in puppets using materials one can find at home.

- sorting out cutlery: you can print out or draw a spoon, a knife and fork and ask your child to categorize the cutlery by shape or by size.

As children can get bored pretty easily, it's useful to use a schedule of the daily activities that will be performed. If it's a toddler, this can be the moment to introduce Montessori routine activity cards.

Storytelling is also an important part of child development. A fun activity can be that of choosing a book and changing the ending. One can come up with a different endings each day of the week, and either narrate it, draw it, or write it down depending on age.

Finally, children love cooking and getting their hands dirty. One can choose a different recipe each day and have them experiment using flour, eggs and so on. Cooking can also be turned into a more didactic activity if one focuses of measurements and weights, on practicing letters by tracing them with fingers in the flour, or counting seeds and beans according to the recipe.

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