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Fun activities to get you through an Easter lockdown

Our second Easter lockdown is round the corner, but don't despair! We have put together a list of fun activities that will get you spend some quality time with your children.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, we would encourage you to have a look at The Mamahood. It’s an incredible platform that showcases women-led businesses, founded by Diana Bardega. In the online shop, you will find the most lovely section dedicated to Easter. Of all the adorable things you can purchase here, who wouldn't go mad for this bunny dress up set?

If you are a traditionalist and will not do without some proper egg decorating activity, then have a look at this article where you can find 45 creative ways to dye Easter eggs. You will mostly just need some food colouring and your imagination, but there are plenty of more ‘crafty’ options that include using paper or confetti, all things your child will love!

tie-dyed Easter eggs

Once you have exhausted all the forty-five decorating tips above, why not dive into baking? This Australian website can inspire you with seventeen easy Easter recipes to bake with the kids. From bunny and chick-shaped cupcakes to mini chocolate carrots, there is something to suit all tastes.

For more educational activities, visit Science Sparks. This website is packed with fun STEM activities related to Easter which will undoubtedly grab your children’s attention. With a bit of help to think outside the box, you can encourage them to learn about friction, comparing weight of different materials, and so much more. Turn your play time into a learning moment!

As for many of you Easter is not only about chocolate Eggs but also about spirituality, if you wish to introduce some religious concepts in your child’s education we would strongly recommend the BBC’s website. It includes some very well made videos and relevant content about Passover, Lent and Easter.

And since we mentioned Passover, why not check out this book illustrated by our new partner Alessandra Psacharopulo? If you like her drawings and want to see more, you can shop her creations on Etsy and get 10% discount by using the code 1thousandays at checkout.

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