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NEW PARTNER: True Story Mam

We have recently partnered with True Story Mam, a group of Italian professionals who want to share both their motherhood experience and their professional knowledge.

"We inform and educate mothers, because each one of us has the fundamental right to undertake this new chapter in a calm and conscious way"

Among them, an obstetrician, a paediatrician, a nursery teacher, a dentist, a personal trainer and many more. You can consult the website for incredible advice and get in touch with any professional should you need. You will also find a mix of resources including blogs, play activities, recipes, book suggestions...

The idea behind True Story Mam is to partner together as women to educate each other on this incredible journey which is motherhood. Female led enterprises are finally in the spotlight, and with current research suggesting that women have been hit the hardest during the pandemic, we feel we have an obligation to stand together and share our expertise to support each other no matter what!

The website is currently entirely in Italian as most professionals work in Northern Italy. However, if you are curious about getting in touch with any of them and do not speak Italian, feel free to drop them a message!!

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