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As we are getting ready to become first-time parents, my partner and I are trying to purchase the bare minimum. Blessed to have friends and family in the same city, we have been accepting many second hand clothes and baby essentials limiting our expenses and consumption.

However, we have hit a wall when researching baby baths. In our attempt to limit expenses, we are also trying to buy as less plastic as we can. But baby baths are proving to be very tricky.

Our first thought was, we will just use a plastic laundry basin which we already have. This basin is 20x15 cm and 17cm height, transparent. After looking at options online and images of babies being bathed, we realised that this might be too high, that it would require two people and that the baby would not be able to lie down properly.

So then I started researching bath seats for newborns. I stumbled across many types of seats, but all of them are longer than 20cm so they would not fit in our basin. Also, that would mean buying extra plastic which we would use for only around 6months until the baby can sit up.

We then started getting creative and came up with alternative solutions. The first, purchasing an enamel oval tub. These were used and washbasins in the past and can be quite light and hung by the handle. However, they are not collapsable and the enamel can result very hot or very cold depending on the water temperature.

Our second option was a pizza dough container. These wooden baskets are made with slanted sides which are comfortable but are extremely heavy and not all are waterproof.

Our third and final alternative was a foot basin, waterproof and round but very expensive when made of stone or wood. Finally, are three option would probably need some sort of plastic seat or plastic padding for the first few months at least.

The sad conclusion is that there seems to be no plastic-free alternative to newborn baby baths/seats. So we are back again to square one, recycle our laundry basket and buy a support cushion bath mat.

We will let you know what we opted for and if it works!

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