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Do's and Dont's

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

One of the things mothers to be like the most is preparing their baby’s nursery. Some women do it right after finding out the baby’s gender and some wait until birth. Some parents have a detailed list of things they need and some have no clue of what to expect. Even though at the centre of our thoughts there’s always the new born baby, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by piles of unnecessary things. You enter your local Monthercare store with a list of three things to buy and you leave sobbing because your partner had to stop you from purchasing the hundredth blanket which you really loved! 

Here at 1THOUSANDAYS, we help you figure out how to set up your child’s bedroom for his/her first 1000 days, the most important days of his/her life. From birth to age three, babies gain more than a million neural connections every second and this is why preparing the right environment is so important. You want to get it right. 

Our 30mins free online consultations can help you cast away any doubts you may have and ask questions. Looking at the projects we worked on may help you understand the importance of furniture arrangement and creating learning nooks from early on. 

We have also recently launched a new product called MY BABY’S CALENDAR which is intended to help you go through your baby’s physical development during the first 8 months. 

Finally, we thought we should write our our golden rules which we follow when designing a nursery; we have put them in a graph. 

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