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Allegra & Andrea 

This family in Turin (ITA) had just moved into a spare flat while awaiting some renovation works to be concluded in their house. Shortly after they moved, lockdown happened and schools closed so they needed to make space for their two children aged 4.8 and 1.2. We decided to use the dining room as the educational space since the big kitchen allowed for a table inside. After we wrote two children profiles, we designed a room plan for the learning space. We also provided a virtual Montessori shelf which would cater for both ages and different interests. 

Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 10.49.49.png


This young couple wanted to create a learning space for their son Vittorio 2.8 who was attending an Italian nursery in Turin. The family had lived many years in China and felt that the boy's current nursery was solely based on play compared to the international experience they had abroad. 

We suggested two learning space scenarios in the living room, where the family spent most of the time and provided them with a virtual Montessori shelf. 



Martina and Luca are a couple of young professionals living in the Italian Alps. They just had a baby boy and are renting a flat while they wait to move into their new home. The couple asked us to create a warm environment in the living room which would cater for the baby's needs, using the already existing furniture. We were able to move some things around and add a play mat in the middle. Enclosing the space can be a perfect solution for your babies as it creates safe spaces where they can explore!

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