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Allegra 4.8 & Andrea 1.6



House plan
We draw the plan of the house as it is and comment on how the spaces are used after the consultation.
Creation of learning space
We create a 3d learning space according to the family's needs. In this case we reconverted the dining room into the learning space.
Montessori Shelf
The family has two children aged 1.6 and 4.8. We create a Montessori individualised shelf catered for the children's abilities and interests.
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Vittorio 2.6


Child Profile
After the parent's thorough observations, we were able to complete a full child profile including developmental milestones and suggestion of activities.
Room Plan
We provided the family with two different room plans; one focused on the child's independence and the other on the parent's supervision.
Montessori Shelf
We designed a Montessori shelf suited for the child's needs along with a list of activities and links.
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